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Appearance design: Innovation is the soul of design, this stage is the core of the entire product development. Through market research and analysis, it determines the market positioning and design tone, through continuous communication, selection, and improvement, until the idea is accurately positioned, adapted to the market, and adapted to consumers.

Structural design: The key to achieving product function, on the basis of fully understanding its functional principle, follow the appearance and modeling, refer to each original device, determine the product's internal geometric dimensions and assembly relationships, fully consider mold production, and complete the most reasonable structural design .

Product reverse engineering: precision laser three-dimensional measuring instrument, high-precision capture product data, experienced structural engineers, complete the 3D modeling design of the product. Commonly known as "counting design".

Shouban production: classic creativity, reasonable structure, and ultimately must be verified through physical objects. Shouban production, using the required materials, using laser rapid prototyping, CNC numerical control processing and other processes, through grinding, polishing, oil injection, electroplating, laser engraving, silk screen and other processes to complete the simulated appearance, structure or functional prototype, and can be vacuum Small batch production of compound molds.

1. Transportation: automobile, motorcycle parts, automobile dashboard, lampshade and other parts;

2. Household appliances: air conditioners, LCD TVs, digital cameras, electric heaters, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and various small household appliances;

3. Electronic communication: display, telephone, mobile phone, large communication exchange;

4. Medical equipment: X-ray machine, hemodialysis instrument, monitor, foot care box, etc .;

5. Tool packaging: lighting, engineering batch prototype;

6. Batch processing of various aluminum alloy hand boards and parts;

7. Rapid vacuum batch copying;

8. Sheet metal and chassis hand board.

Available materials: ABS, POM (Saigang), PC, Bakelite, PMMA (Acrylic), PP, PPS (Plastic King), aluminum alloy, copper, magnesium alloy, gypsum; (surface treatment, screen printing, laser, electroplating , Vacuum membrane.)