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Factors affecting the price of Shouban model

Date:2020-04-13 13:42 Popularity:

      The Shouban model is a sophisticated product used to verify the products used in research and development. The custom-made prototypes are different for different customers. For quality reasons, some customers may also specify the use of certain materials or processing techniques to meet the quality and cost control requirements. The production cost of the prototype is affected by the product The size, structure, complexity and some surface treatment processes are affected. Therefore, there are variable price factors in domestic Shouban processing.

1. Material cost for hand-board processing

      In the process of making a prototype model, different prototypes require different materials to make. Some plastic materials are more common, such as ABS, and its price is cheaper, while some materials are more troublesome, such as PPS materials. Relatively speaking, its price will be higher. In addition to the material, the size of the hand board will also affect the price of the material. The larger the size, the more raw materials are needed to make the hand board, so the price is higher. This is related to the 3d drawings provided by the customer.

2. Shouban processing method

      In the process of hand board processing, different production processes will cause different costs. For example, CNC machining, 3D printing, and vacuum replication models will have different price differences; and such factors as the difficulty of processing metal hand boards than plastic hand boards will lead to price diversity. .

3. Shouban post-processing technology

      Shouban post-processing technology includes sanding, sand blasting, oil spraying, oxidation, screen printing, etc. The price of different post-processing technologies is also different, and the price of one additional process will increase accordingly. Customers can choose the corresponding post-processing technology according to product needs.