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Shouban customization process needs to confirm with the cust

Date:2020-04-13 13:44 Popularity:

       Shouban customization is a more detailed process, because many processes are involved, such as screen printing, oxidation, laser engraving, oil injection, etc. It is not standardized production and belongs to the type of customization, so the real needs of customers need to understand clearly It is common for some novice salespersons to fail to understand the needs of customers. Customers may not know what they need to be so specific for some reason, and they have not stated their exact requirements.

       For example, if a common customer said that you would make me a translucent PC material prototype, what is the definition of translucency, and how specific is the translucency he wants?

This requires the customer to provide a reference, or the prototype maker provides some options to allow the customer to choose to meet their own confirmation requirements. The prototype produced in this way is the effect the customer wants, otherwise it is easy for the customer to return the product, I want Is not such a translucent. . . Therefore, it is necessary to confirm some unclear requirements without avoiding unnecessary consumption by both parties.

       For another example, the customer said to print an ABS material handboard, which is natural, then the problem comes. The common ABS printing materials are white and yellow-green. Then the customer may not know that there are these colors. The default in his mind is White, if you ask what kind of color you need to return, the customer may say that the ABS color I want to print is not this color.

       It can be seen how important it is to understand the specific requirements for the customization of the prototype. In many cases, the customer is not satisfied with the details of the workmanship, but the effect is not what he expected. It is necessary to take a proactive approach to understand some areas that customers may not make clear, so as not to cause unnecessary mistakes.