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Manufacturing process of medical device prototype models man

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       The commonly used materials produced by medical device prototype manufacturers are: ABS, PC, PMMA, PU, etc. ABS is a relatively used material; PC and PMMA are used for making transparent parts; PU is a material for making small batches of silicone mold products . The manufacturing process of medical device hand-board model manufacturers is CNC numerical control processing, vacuum complex mold and sheet metal processing, and there is also a kind of laser rapid prototyping, which is fast in production speed. CNC milling of medical device hand model manufacturers, the tools used are no different from ordinary mechanical processing, the difference is that the milling materials are different. After the three-dimensional data is programmed by software and input to the CNC machine, the semi-finished products needed can be processed.
       Vacuum multiple-mold production of medical device prototype manufacturers is made of silicone rubber into a mold; use special equipment to evacuate the inside of the silicone mold; then inject the PU into the silicone mold, place it in a high-temperature box for curing, fold the mold to take out the finished product . Parts produced by this method have higher strength and can be sold as products. Each set of silicone mold can make about 100 sets. Too many silicone molds have reduced accuracy. It is a good way to short-term small batch products.